Prayer Intentions

Prayer Intentions for the sick and military

If anyone is sick among you, ask for the Priest of the Church. They in turn are to pray over him, anointing him in the name of the Lord.” ~ St. James, C.S.


Laura Chaiken, Linda Marmero Lyons, Kathi Danes, Regina Anthony Pillai, Kaitlyn McMahon, Paul Scardino, Thomas Boyle, DeeDee & Joe Coulombe, Bob Geller, Robert Lehr, Elinor Malone, Bonnie Miller, Roger Ouellette, Stephen Pocsik, Rosie Seifert, Pamela Evans, Adele Tonderella, Theresa Schireson, Christopher Colangelo, Joseph DeBuvitz, Mark and Rosie Zizzo, Lori Zattola

and all parishioners who are currently sick


Matthew Gagaoudakis, Ensign 6 Navy; Pvt. Kyle J. Happney; Spc Lt. Cmdr. Mark Jackson; Alexander Koester, USAF; CPO Philip Kriznanizh; Lt. Mark J. Marten; Maj. Tony Martinez;
Lt. Col. Amy Keough Ninneman; Lt. Col. Melissa Rosol; PO Joseph Schonig; Cpt. Frank A. Spano; Lt. JG Colleen Quinn; PO3 Mary Jo Williams

Call 954-943-9154 to
~ arrange for a priest to bring the Sacraments, or for the Legion of Mary to pay a visit, to someone who is homebound or in the hospital
~ schedule a Mass intention
~ add a name to the sick list or military list
~ sponsor the altar flowers (unavailable during Lent)