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Following in the Footsteps of Jesus

Every Tuesday for five weeks beginning July 24th - August 21st at 7pm in the chapel all are invited to feast your mind on the findings of a scholar of the Bible, as the Scriptures are unveiled for our edification.

The story of Jesus as narrated in the Four Gospels introduces us successively to the Christological (Mark), ecclesial (Matthew), missionary (Luke-Acts) and the contemplative (John) dimensions of Christian discipleship.

Through a better understanding of the story of Jesus we are enabled to become "missionary disciples" and "contemplatives in action" and so become better equipped to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with courage and conviction.

These series of talks will be given by Father Maurice Hogan, SSC. Discussions will follow every session.


Father Maurice Hogan has arrived to assist us in our parish for the next several weeks. He is an Irish missionary of the Order of Saint Columban and has been a professor of Sacred Scripture at Irelands National Seminary for years.